Gewinnung von hochwertigem Phosphor aus Klärschlammasche


Recovering high quality phosphorus from sewage sludge ash

Closing the loop for phosphorus

The Ash2Phos technology enables the domestic production of clean and safe phosphorus, suitable for conventional farming, organic farming and feed phosphates.

Without phosphorus we can’t grow the amount of food our society needs. Today we are dependent on imports from deeply problematic sources outside the EU. At the same time our wastewater systems contain significant amounts of phosphorus that need to be disposed of but should be recircled back to the food system. 

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About us

In 2021, Phoshorgewinnung Schkopau GmbH was formed by Gelsenwasser AG and EasyMining Services Sweden AB to build the first Ash2Phos-plant.

The plant is intended to be built at the Schkopau Chemical Park (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) and will have a capacity of processing 30 000 ton ash from incinerated sewage sludge per year. The plant will receive ash from the Gelsenwasser incineration plant in Bitterfeld-Wolfen but will also be able to treat ashes from other incineration plants.

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